Brother GT-782 Garment Printer

              About the GT-782
              The Brother GT-782 direct to garment printer has been superseded by the Brother GT-3 garment printer.
              Please call 0115 8448000 for availability of used GT-782 machines.

              The GT-782 has the unique ability to print multiple prints simultaneously, your production will increase as a result of reduced cycle times and fast flexible downloading of new images. This dual platen inkjet garment printer with independently operated platens capable of high volume production including dark garments is a perfect garment printer for mid-to-high volume shops. Brother has built their digital printing machine from the ground up to be a garment printer, this is not another Epson based printer re-packaged to print garments. The GT-782 is a real production oriented printing machine. It is now possible to get some serious production rates without the mess, hassle and additional variables that make screen printing a much slower and less profitable process in many cases.

              The GT-782 is a high powered White Ink production model.

              Brother's GT-782 garment printer boasts the following powerful features:

              Independently controlled dual platen and dual print-head modules - two garments can be printed virtually simultaneously and independently - for maximum productivity and the potential for greater profitability for high volume decorators.

              Brother's genuine white ink and ink cartridge system provides superb output quality, and easy maintenance.

              Additional four Brother genuine industrial-grade print-heads provide industry top class printing speed for white ink applications.

              Newly developed large sized ink cartridges enable more economical operations.

              Succeeded current popular GT-541 print driver interface concept to maintain easy and extremely powerful user interface and output quality control.

              With newly developed print driver software, no separate and costly RIP (raster image processor) is required. Extremely capable and flexible for operators to customize white ink print specific features.

              Print driver software can directly interface most of the popular graphic application, such as Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw for seamless white ink prints.

              Succeeded the consistent and reliable GT-541 platform and additional white ink capabilities without sacrificing machine reliability and durability in an industrial environment.

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