Brother PR-655 embroidery machine

Brother PR-655 Embroidery Machine
Six-needle, single head Embroidery Machine.

GS UK Distrubutors of Brother machines since 1994

The PR655 incorporates all the user-friendly features you'd expect to find in any of the Brother home embroidery machine range, together with the speed and fi nish of a commercial model, making it ideal for those thinking of starting a home-based embroidery business.

The wide-angle HD LCD display offers vivid, crystal-clear clarity, rendering the brightest images imaginable. See high-resolution design previews almost instantly. The brightness adjustment feature allows you to change the screen brightness to suit your environment. Most importantly, you'll find the PR655 incredibly easy to use.

Why buy from GS UK?

When you buy the Brother PR-655 from GS UK Ltd, you not only get a fantastic lightweight, fast and efficient semi-professional embroidery machine, you also get Free on site training and support from the country's most experienced Brother industrial embroidery engineers. We have engineers and sales managers based in England, Scotland and Wales. In addition we also offer: nationwide coverage, extensive sales advice, expert after sales service and industrial supplies.

What can I produce with the Brother PR-655?

Garments bearing the logo of the company you work for. Team names embroidered on children's jackets and sports bags. Baseball caps embroidered with all manner of designs. Other personalised gifts, such as monogrammed towels, robes & napkins. The possibilities are endless!

Machine Features
28 Built In Fonts
Utilise the simplicity of the LCD touch screen and modify your projects with a range of lettering styles and text effects. This gives you the flexibility to add originality to your designs
Customise Designs On Screen
Powerful customising capabilities include arranging text, pattern rotation in 1-degree increments, change design size, and the ability to combine designs and add lettering.
Cylinder Arm
The cylinder arm makes it easy to embroider items such as caps, tote bags, sleeves, trouser legs etc.
Advanced Natural Lighting System
The built-in LED lights provide effective natural lighting for your working area.
Six Needles
Embroider multi-colour designs quickly and easily. Automatic colour change allows you to pre-program the colour sequence for the design. Upper and lower thread trimmers eliminates time consuming trimming after the embroidery is complete.
Exclusive Automatic Needle Threading
Simply press the automatic needle threading button and the upper thread will pass through the needle. It couldn't be easier!
Included Embroidery Frames
Choose the ideal embroidery frame for the job from the 4 different sizes included with the PR-650. (200 mm x 300 mm, 130 mm x 180 mm, 100 mm x 100 mm, 40 mm x 60 mm)
LED Pointer For Perfect Needle Positioning
The new LED Pointer makes it easy to see exactly where the needle will drop. Making perfect pattern placement as easy as touching a few buttons on the LCD screen. Allowing you to position jobs faster and more accurately than ever.
Optional Extras
Cap Frame
Embroider your caps effortlessly. The embroidery area is a generous 130mm x up to 60mm high.
Flat Frame
Jackets and other thicker materials are easily embroidered on the flat frame which measures 300mm x 200mm.
Cylinder Frame
Embroider virtually anything that's cylindrical and normally difficult to sew. Cylinder frame 90mm wide x 80mm high. Material should have a minimum of 100mm open diameter.
Clamp Frame Kits 1 & 2
The clamp frame kits are ideal for adding embroidery to shoes, inner jacket pockets, cuffs, gloves and much more. Clamp frame size 45 x 24mm
Round Frame Kit
The round frame kit includes 3 frames: Small - 100mm, Medium - 130mm, Large - 160mm.
Quilt Frame 200 x 200 mm

Designed to fit traditional quilting squares. Must be used with Arm B embroidery frame holder and the usage of the wide table is recommended.

Border Frame 300 x 100 mm

Embroider beautiful continuous designs and borders. Ideal for a wide range of projects from fashion to furnishings. The usage of the wide table is recommended.

Flat Frame

Jackets and other thicker materials are easily embroidered on the flat frame, which measures 300 x 200mm.

Wide Table

Wide table to support large and heavy projects, such as blankets, jackets etc. It is recommended to stablilize the fabric.

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