Pre Owned Embroidery Machines

We buy and sell used Embroidery machines, all of our stock are of the highest quality, contact for further details of any of the machines listed.

***Brother 1206 Six Head 12 Needle, 2007, £11,950 + VAT ***

***Merlin 1501 Single Head Fifteen Needle Machine, 2013 Touch Screen with cap frames £5,999 + VAT***

***Merlin 1204 Four Head Twelve Needle Machine, 2012 Touch Screen with cap frames £9,999 +VAT***

For and on behalf of our customers

First installed in January of 2014 Merlin Pro GS1501 15 needle single head embroidery machine complete with a selection of tubular frames and a cap frame system.
Serviced by GS UK Ltd from new.
The machine has optional GS ApS Ethos Embroidery editing software.
Price : £4,500.00 excluding VAT.
This is an existing customers machine and any further negotiation will be directly with the customer.

Brother Embroidery Machines
Pre Owned Laser Cutting Machines

Please contact for further details of any of the pre owned laser cutting machines listed.

***CadCam Technology FB1530 laser cutting machine (Standard with 30 watt laser), £12,000 + VAT***



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