Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines - FB2400

            The FB2400 laser cutting machine is the largest flatbed machine we manufacture has been designed to handle even larger format material than the previous models to give even more versatility and higher production rates.
            About the FB2400

            We use a sealed CO2 air cooled laser, which is a certified Class 1 laser product. This machine is available with a 30watt, 50watt, 100watt and 200watt laser.

            The FB2400 can cut a wide variety of materials like leather, acrylic, mdf, ply, cardboard and paper. You can also engrave and raster images onto surfaces such as wood and plastic. The control of cutting is so accurate you can engrave onto paper. The air irrigation system attached to the cutting head sends a stream of air or inert gas to the point of cut, this enables you to achieve a consistently clean cut.

            The laser is controlled by the cutting software that is included with this machine. The material manager allows you to store a wide range of materials, so you can instantly change from one material to another. Adjustments may be made to the cutting speed and the power so a fine, clean, accurate depth of cut may be achieved.

            When you purchase a laser cutting machine from GS UK Ltd Ltd we automatically include delivery, installation and training. Visit our site in Nottingham for a demonstration of our laser cutting machines.

            Machine Options
            Our FB laser cutters are available with a variety of options to tailor each machine to your exact requirements.

            Shuttle Bed System
            Allows loading and unloading of material while the laser continues to cut.

            Conveyer Unit
            A metal moving bed designed for a variety of rolled and sheet materials. (With Vacuum option)

            Automatic Roll Feed Unit
            Feeds rolled material through the cutting bed. A tray beneath catches the cut-outs.
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